Inspiration from Murty’s books


The novels are amazing in the way they have been written — simple but profound — and inspires the reader to think, and improve his mindset.In a time where more and more commercial institutions are posing as centers of education and duping youngsters by making misleading offers, Sudha Murty’s books are a must read.

These institutions are encouraging the youth to develop false values, which lead to sub-standard lives. Institutes claim to offer many freebies like laptops and foreign trips without mentioning the tuition fees they are charging. While this may not be illegal, these campaigns are definitely misleading.

For all those exposed to such permissible lies, the antidote is to read novels authored by Murty. Written in a lucid manner, it exhorts you to develop the virtues of honesty, humility, sincerity, respect and hard work.


‘Dollar Bahu’, one of Murty’s bestsellers creates a desire to develop the virtue of truth. It shows you how important it is to resist the temptation of false comforts by regulating the tendency to manipulate others and exploiting their weaknesses of greed and insecurity.

‘Mahashweta’ is another great book; it highlights false values and superstitions many of us have. These values prevent us from living fulfilling lives.

In her book ‘Wise and Otherwise’, a composition of fifty vignettes, the first vignette ‘honesty’ comes from the heart. Murty shares the experience she had with the son of a porter at a railway station;

She decides to help him by giving him a scholarship of Rs300 per month to cover his tuition fee, room and board expenses. She handed him a check of Rs1,800 to cover expenses for a period of six months.


After the first six months were over, she sent him a subsequent cheque for Rs1,800 to cover the expenses for the next six months. She got a quick response from the boy expressing his gratitude, along with Rs300 — the money he had saved from the first cheque.

The reason, he explained, was that his college had been shut for a month, and he had lived at home for that period.


Reading such books injects the energy and the desire to inculcate values. Murty’s books will help us develop the ability to deal with greed and insecurity — with others and ourselves.

We need to learn to regulate our desires and greed. Driven by insecurity and jealousy, we focus on what others have instead of enjoying our own blessings. Insecurity and jealousy tempt us to take shortcuts.

In ‘Mahashweta’, the protagonist inspires you to develop virtues of humility, sincerity and resilience. Reading it has changed my life for the better. In the current settings of falsehood everyone shouldgive a read to Murty’s books, and I personally suggest you begin with ‘Mahashweta’.