Keep looking for your sweet spot


We should identify what we are good at, what we like, and a find a platform where we can add value to society at large.

Confidence is consciousness of one’s power and abilities. We all have powers and abilities. We should identify what we are good at, what we like, and a find a platform where we can add value to society at large.

An individual who is good at his job and loves it, and is adding value to others operates from what is called a sweet spot.

Successful entrepreneurs the world over are prime examples of people who are operating from their sweet spots.

Perween Warsi is a woman who is operating from her sweet spot. She had migrated to UK with her husband in 1975.

Perween Warsi is now known as the Indian samosa queen in UK. Her sweet spot journey started in 1985 when she discovered samosas being offered at the local grocery store were of poor quality.

She decided that she would do something so people may be able to get better samosas. Thus started Perween’s sweet spot, entrepreneurial career  from her home’s kitchen counter. She persuaded a local take-away to offer her Indian snacks.

Their popularity exploded. Then she shifted focus to the international markets. Never compromising on quality, she achieved success and today heads S & A Foods.

She is the richest Asian businesswoman in the UK and also the 27th richest Asian in Britain, honoured with a member of the British Empire.

She says, “The most important things for a successful career are clear vision and determination, and you must be disciplined. But make sure you enjoy what you do.”

Another individual who is operating from the sweet spot is KS Kohli, founder of Frankfinn Institute of airhostess training.

Kohli identified that the airhostess training was too technical, so he made innovations in the training curriculum by making it simpler, and started with a seven-day basic cabin crew training.

He hired professionals who would travel all over India to impart the short-term course. The response was very good and placements even better.

His logic was simple some jobs need more of hands-on-training and grooming along with personality development, which are teachable. Today his network has 120 centres in more than 100 cities.

He has leased an Airbus A-300 to impart real-time training. In 2006, he tied up with Air Deccan for cabin crew. He has now acquired land in Goa, where he will start aviation school for training pilots.

There are many people like Pereween Warsi and KS Kohli. We can take cues from them and identify our sweet spots. Happiest people are those who make the most of what they have. Let us be happy.