The formula to turn all your dreams into reality


Recently I was conducting a seminar, ‘Creativity and Positive thinking for Success’. There were over eighty participants for the daylong seminar.

When the seminar started I observed a distinguished gentleman taking notes of what I was saying. I also observed that most of the younger participants were not taking notes. So I brought to their attention, the distinguished gentleman who was taking notes. On further inquiry, we found out that he was Ravinder Nath Khanna. I requested him to share with us his story.

In 1947, Ravinder Nath Khanna who was six years old was forced to come to India from Pakistan along with his family. His family was wealthy and had a lot of property. All had to be left behind, and they started from scratch. Khanna worked hard as a student and got admission into one of the IITs, where he met a German professor, who toiled hard to teach his students. Khanna chose to go to Germany for further education.

A professor there gave him a formula for success, which became his north star DDDC: Dream, which will create the Desire, which will create a Direction, and then be Committed. On finishing his higher education Khanna got a job with a German company. After some time he decided to quit the job and return to India. He started off by making switchgears in his father’s garage. He dreamed of regaining the glory of his family, and followed the German professor’s formula and today is at the helm of a powerful controls and switchgear company, which employs over 4000 employees, in more than eight factories, with a revenue of over Rs1,250 crores.

Often I come across individuals who want to live better lives, but are afraid of the risk. With a clear understanding of the DDDC, we can embark on the route of improvement. One has to start with a dream to create something meaningful. The dream will then create a desire and the desire will then create a direction all that needs to be done to make this dream a reality. Having created a direction, one needs to commit to action, to realise the dream.

Often the biggest risk we take is to do the same thing in the same way and be content with sub-optimal results. Let us adopt the DDDC formula and live greater lives.