Open Your Mind


Open your mind, and you will achieve more than you imagined.


The potter’s wheel had existed for almost 700 years before anyone thought of using it as a cartwheel; it took seven centuries for people to realise that their logistical problems could be solved. There are so many ways in which we can innovate and develop the ideas around us, but we need to open our minds to the endless possibilities that can make our lives simpler.


For centuries, men endeavoured to run a mile in less than four minutes. In ancient Greece and Rome, leopards and panthers were made to chase athletes so they would run faster; the men always succumbed to the animals. In 1954, an Englishman, Roger Bannister became the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes. His strong-willed intent and intense planning — which included a deep study of the principles of physics to optimise his skills, got him through. After he set the record, other athletes managed to replicate the feat the following year. Once someone sets a benchmark, others will improve their performance because they now believe that the standard they are aiming for can be achieved with a little extra effort.


Like the athletes who followed in Roger Bannister’s path, we can also work wonders if we believe that innovation and improvement is not impossible. Just look at the achievers in your profession, their success will help build the belief that you can, and will, do better.


If Hollywood actor Will Smith can command a price of $37 million (Rs150 crore) for a movie, any Bollywood actor can take heart and believe that he or she can get paid more with a little more hard work. When Shah Rukh Khan started out in Bollywood, he didn’t have much going for him – average looks, an ordinary physique and no connections. But he believed in himself and that has made all the difference; he works very hard, has great work ethics, and is hence, doing very well.


Believe in yourself, have faith in your capabilities and you will do better. Your achievements and innovations will take you to heights that will surprise even you. You have to open your mind to all the possibilities that will lead the way.