The power of choice destroys all stresses


One option is no choice, two options is a dilemma, three options is a choice. Realise that we have choices about where we spend our time.

One option is no choice, two options is a dilemma, three options is a choice. Realise that we have choices about where we spend our time. Most of our stress comes from the fact that we feel that we have no choice. We make everything in our lives a ‘must’ to complete. Remember, there are always at least three options for every situation. But it’s only when we realise these options that we begin to live life by choice.

We need to change our beliefs about urgency. It’s so easy for us to become seduced by urgency  the belief that something needs to be completed immediately. However, often we’re trying to complete things that don’t even matter. We must learn to break this pattern and not react to the demands of our environment. We must stop making things more important and urgent than they are.

– The Dimension of Distraction. This is where most of us go when we’re stressed and we want to do something that requires no thinking. For example putting on the TV as white noise in the background or eating when you aren’t hungry. If you spend most of your time here, you’ll find yourself living in no man’s land  where you’re not happy, but not unhappy enough to do anything about it.

– The Dimension of Delusion. People who are stressed spend most of their time constantly making more ‘to-do’ lists. And just when they think they have a plan, they’re interrupted by the urgent demands of others around them to do things that have no significant connection to them. Just say no.

– The Dimension of Demand. In our lives, there are always things that cannot be planned for, such as a co-worker or a family member falling ill. Those things become urgent and important and must be dealt with. You just need to set aside some time to do such things.

– The Zone. Doing things, which are important but not yet urgent. To create a life of fulfillment, you should spend your life in what is called The Zone  a dimension in which your primary focus is on doing things that are important, but not urgent. What would fit in this category for you?

Spending time with your loved ones. Working on a project at work that may not demand immediate attention, but one in which your anticipation would create a competitive advantage in the market place, making yourself, your associates, or your business stronger. Other things like reading books that develop your mind and give you knowledge to do better what you do, thinking of ways to improve yourself, and exercising. The Zone contains actions we know to be important, but “we never get to do” “because we’re so busy”.

Activity without a true sense of purpose is the drain to a life of fulfillment. Urgency is an artificial and mechanical demand that must be disciplined. When you’re doing the things that are most important, before they become urgent, you are in the zone. Spend more and more time in the zone; create better choices so you live a life which is fulfilling.