Creating Multiple Peaks During The Day


Every day is a brand-new day. Money saved in the present can be utilized in the future, but the time that we have in the present must be utilized in the present.

You and I can utilize the moments of the present to create peak experiences, which can be utilized as good memories in the future.

I suggest the following 15 things we need to do mindfully every - present day to create peak moments in the present that we carry as pleasant memories in the future.

  1. Doing something for our loved ones that expresses care.
  2. Building relationship, by resolving conflicts.
  3. Doing the daily activities with commitment
  4. Being sensitive and sensible
  5. Understanding others
  6. Praising others for what they have done.
  7. Being positive
  8. Being satisfied
  9. Being cooperative
  10. Being honest
  11. Being open to new ideas
  12. Being connected and in the present
  13. Encouraging others
  14. Being happy
  15. Being responsible

I suggest that you make a check list of the above 15 items and make sure that you do each and every of the fifteen items at-least once a day and then more, consciously. This will create peak moments and make the day engaging, energizing and in the process, we will encourage others to do the same.

When we expect others to do the above fifteen things, and we feel that they have not done them, we tend to feel disappointed, which leads to dips in energy levels, and in extreme cases bad memories, which we end up carrying in the future.

Let us encourage ourselves to do the above fifteen every day and live vibrant lives.