Think Link


Think Link is a monthly e- magazine which was introduced by Think Inc. in 2008 to further enhance the experience that Think Inc. brings through its trainings and books. It is informative, descriptive, friendly and multi-dimensional.

Think link began with Vijay Batra’s idea to compile and share a sampling of relevant articles on various subjects which would sow seeds of positive thoughts. Mr. Batra hoped that Thinklink would be for the whole person and not restricted to the professional alone. From the time of its inception two years ago, Think link has been striving to add value to the tapestry of life. And gradually evolved a structure, which brings a collection of articles on what you think about when you think about living well. It helps people to live well while making a good living, it helps them lead a more enhanced and inspiring lives.

Think link touches upon five aspects every month:

  1. Think Reflection – A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration by Dr. Promod Batra
  2. Think Wise – To develop or achieve gradually
  3. Think Grow– To bring up; train; educate.
  4. Think View – A Clip about the famous personalities, their life, success stories, family history.
  5. Think Notes – A recommendation or perspective offered as a guide to action.

In the recent months, Think link has re-invented itself through significant re-design for the ease of reading. Think Inc is happy to share Think Link at no subscription fee.